Charles Cundall: Pont Saint-Michel - on Charles Cundall


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Charles Cundall:
Pont Saint-Michel

Framed (ref: 9903)
Watercolour, gouache, and pencil
Squared for transfer
23 1/4 x 16 1/4 in. (59 x 41.5 cm) 

Tags: Charles Cundall gouache pencil watercolour landscape topography trees Cundall: A Grand Tour

Provenance: The Artist's Studio

Clearly painted in situ, the use of several sheets of paper leaves an engaging record of Cundall's working method: his compositions evolved - almost unfolded - in front of him.

Both before and after the Second World War, Cundall made numerous sketching trips, travelling extensively in Europe. He was especially drawn to Paris and scenes along the Seine. Painting in oil on paper, en plein air,these works retain a vitality which Cundall sometimes lost when working up the finished, larger, paintings in his studio.

Cundall's working technique was dependant upon sketching on the spot to create images that would later be worked up into larger paintings in the studio. Here one would find him working form many drawings and colour notes accumulated during some recent journey. He prefers working with such aids to memory, on a fine canvas with soft hog and sable brushes, occasionally using a palette knife, and laying on colour instinctively rather than by methodical system. (William Gaunt, Charles Cundall R.A, A Study of his Life and Work).

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